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This page is dedicated to tools located at /usr/share/plainDE/tools/. Currently there are 2 tools written in Python.

This tool is responsible for creating config.json. This simple tool is started when plainPanel can’t find file located at ~/.config/plainDE/config.json. It writes options from dictionary to the json file.

This tool updates config when needed. It is ran every time plainPanel starts. First of all, it checks configVersion entry. If configVersion does not match version written at /usr/share/plainDE/release_data, it renames your config.json to config.json.sav and runs to create a new config. Then it checks differences between configs. Changes are made when:

  • A new entry found
  • Entry has different type of data (i.e., string->int)

When the second case happens, we rewrite this entry completely with new default value.


If the config.json got broken, you can feel free to delete ~/.config/plainDE/config.json file and start plainPanel again. It will automatically generate new config.json


Tools described above help you to create & update your config.json.